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Most of Pepspin's pepper mills are constructed from three to four different woods that are glued tightly together and spun on a high speed wood lathe. In most cases each pepper mill takes on its own design. If a certain design is requested by a customer, Pepspin will do its best to fulfill their order. 
The old fashion crank type pepper mills is one of our best sellers. They can be constructed much quicker than a regular pepper mill. Generally the prices are lower, but the same craftsmanship applies to these as well. Other wood products are produced from Pepspin such as pizza cutters, wine bottle stoppers and bottle openers with custom made handles.
We hope that you will be able to purchase a few of our products.
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PEPSPIN Wood Crafts
PEPSPIN has been a hidden passion of mine for quite a while. In my spare time, I've always enjoyed woodworking projects. I'm falling off a quite effective music career and had the joy of creating and composing songs for some incredible singers throughout the years.  I have put my music career on hold for now, and have turned my attention towards creating Pepper Mills and other wood turnings. It unquestionably takes quality time and effort to custom design each Pepper Mill.  I do think that it's very relaxing.  Each Pepper Mill creation has it's very own exceptional  unique style. They can make wonderful gifts.  I hope you are able to enjoy one or two of my creations.
Other   PEPSPIN   Products
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 Various Pepper Mill Designs

and other wood products.

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