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 Pepper Mills With Uniqueness

Different Pepper Mill designs made utilizing delightful kinds of woods. Each Pepper Mill has it's very own remarkable design.  Your Pepper Mill will be exceptional with an individual look that no one else will have. Other wood turnings incorporate bottle plugs, ice cream scoops, pizza cutters and bottle openers all with custom designed wood handles.  These are for the most part astounding quality utensils.



PEPSPIN Wood Crafts

PEPSPIN has been a hidden passion of mine for quite a while. In my spare time, I've always enjoyed woodworking projects. I'm falling off a quite effective music career and had the joy of creating and composing songs for some incredible singers throughout the years. One of my enormous high lights was composing a song that had won a Grammy for the incredible singer, Deniece Williams.  I have put my music career on hold for now, and have turned my attention towards creating Pepper Mills and other wood turnings.   It unquestionably takes quality time and effort to custom design each Pepper Mill.  I do think that it's very relaxing.  Each Pepper Mill creation has it's very own exceptional  unique style.  They can make wonderful gifts.  I hope you are able to enjoy one or two of my creations.



TEL: 253-682-9381